Fish N' the Guts

Fish N’ Guts originated from all the old fisherman who fished out of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. They would cook the fish on top of their old wood stoves that kept them warm inside of their Gill Net Fish Tugs. The Fish N’ Guts basted and cooked as the boat rocked in the sea while they picked their fish from the nets.

First time I seen a pan of Fish N’ Guts was in 1970 cooking on top of an old fuel oil stove in a fish shed
where my father in law Frank Kulpa and family were doing chub roe for caviar. They all seemed to relish in
the anticipation of eating these Fish N’ Guts. This is still sometimes ordered at Susie Q Fish Market.

Fish N’ the Guts

Heavy steel square pan with straight sides approximately 3-4 inches deep
20-30 fresh dressed Chubs
Guts and eggs from the chubs

Place guts into steel pan (can line pan with foil for easier clean up). Place chubs belly side down on top of guts. Salt fish liberally on top (amount more or less your preference). Cover lightly with foil and cook on top of stove, grill, or in the oven for 2 ½ - 3 hours or until the back fin can be pulled out of the fish. You want for the oil of the fish to come to a bubble (like a low boil) and stay that way during the cooking process. After cooking, push aside the crusted salt and eat the fish, eggs, hearts and livers.