Smoked Salmon Pizza

Smoked Salmon Pizza

prep time: 20 mins

cook time: 30 mins



smoked salmon

fresh pizza dough

mozzarella cheese


15 oz canned whole peeled tomatoes



garlic powder

fresh basil




1. Preheat oven to 450º

2. Add 1 tbsp sugar to blender.

3. Add 2 cups (15 oz can) of whole peeled tomatoes.

4. Add aprox 1/2 tsp pepper, garlic powder, oregano and fresh basil.

5. Puree sauce and set aside

6. Spread flour across the counter to prevent dough from sticking

7. Stretch pre-made dough leaving 1/2 inch lip of dough for the crust.

8. Flip dough and press out all air bubbles.

9. Continue stretching dough and minimizing air pockets.

10. Gently toss dough with palms facing down.

11. Place stretched dough on hot pizza stone or cookie sheet.

12. Evenly spread sauce over dough.

13. Cover with grated mozzarella cheese.

14. Evenly spread bite size salmon pieces on pizza.

15. Add desired amount of capers.

16. Cook pizza at 450º for 7-10 mins.